The Latest Engineering and Construction Jobs at Beck Group

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Beck delivers award-winning construction and architecture expertise through our unified delivery model. This meeting of the minds in dual disciplines lets us provide clients with swift and efficient project delivery. At every stage, our multi-disciplinary teams bring a full range of expertise and creative thinking to meet clients’​ needs and deliver singular results. Over the …

Every team member shapes life at The Beck Group. It’s why we place top priority on recruiting and retaining the best talent. Our team of architects, engineers, builders, sustainability professionals, and technology experts value collaboration and strive to deliver the best work out there.

We are a team of designers and builders collaborating to meet your vision. Because we are builders, we are more knowledgeable architects. Because we are architects, we are contractors who better understand the nuances of design. Our sustainability and technology practices help us innovate to solve problems. We believe a better process and outcome result from working together. Please select one of our services below to learn more about what we do.

Beck values flexibility. Employees have the option to cross train in a new area in order to better understand the company holistically. Sometimes you don’t know where you want to be. Through our cross training initiative, it is easy to experience different areas of Beck. This can be as simple as an architect attending a concrete course or a contractor attending a real estate staff meeting. With our variety of choices, it is easy to find your niche. For full-time experienced hire opportunities, please


From the first meeting, you will notice The Beck Group has a unique approach to architecture and construction. We create teams across all departments and areas of expertise to work on a common goal – your project. We believe a better process and outcome result from working together. Many companies who work with Beck come to share this opinion. to learn how our approach could benefit your next project.


Electrical Engineering Graduates (Bahraini Nationals)
Chemistry graduates general application for upcoming requirements
Chemical Engineering Graduates (Bahraini Nationals)
Chemical Engineering graduates general application for upcoming requirements
Electronics Engineering graduates general application for upcoming requirements
General Application
Mechanical Engineering Graduates (Bahraini Nationals)
General application for ex-Bapco employees


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