Jobs Hiring Al Khawarizmi International College – UAE


Founded in 1985, Al Khawarizmi International College (KIC) is the first private institution in the UAE to be accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. Since its inception in 1985, KIC has provided its students with a variety of opportunities that aim to further their education and help open doors for successful future employment. At KIC, our main focus is on teaching through practical application. Our aim is to produce graduates who are prepared to meet the demands of today’s workforce. Our programs provide our students with adequate theoretical and conceptual knowledge in their fields while equipping them with relevant practical skills and competencies in order for them to embark successfully on their careers.

Job Title Location
Head of Business Administration Department UAE
Senior Registration Officer UAE
Executive Assistant UAE
Senior Librarian UAE
Reference Librarian UAE
Deputy Head of Student Relations Department UAE
Head of Islamic Banking and Finance Department UAE
Head of Media and Mass Communication Department UAE
Assistant Professor in Health Management Information System UAE
Assistant Professor in Medical Microbiology/Immunology UAE
Assistant Professor in Media and Mass Communication UAE
Assistant Professor – Optometry UAE
Marketing Manager UAE
Head of the IT Training Department UAE
IT Instructor UAE
IT Coordinator UAE
Head of the English Training Department UAE
Registration Officer UAE
Business Instructor UAE
English Instructor UAE


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