Job Opening at Universal Hospital – Abu Dhabi, UAE


At Universal, we believe that the health of each person creates the health of a family, a community, and the health of the entire humanity. This is the reason why we care for your overall well-being so much.

Since 2013, Universal Hospital has established a name for itself as a multi-specialty health care facility where technology and comfort provide a seamless culture of improved care. Wellness Tower A was established at a prime location within the city, 20 minutes from the Abu Dhabi International Airport. It is equipped with a 24-hour Pharmacy, Emergency, ambulatory services, a fully equipped Laboratory and Radiology Department with 128-slice CT scan, 1.5 Tesla MRI, Dual Plane Cath Lab, Digital Fluoroscopy, Digital Mammography with Stereotactic Biopsy, Dialysis Unit, and advanced delivery suites amongst other services.

Abu Dhabi

Consultant Pediatrician/Specialists Pediatrician View & Apply
Consultant Gynecologist and obstetrician/ Specialists Gynecologist and obstetrician View & Apply
Consultant Otolaryngology/ Specialists Otolaryngology View & Apply
Consultant Endocrinologist/ Specialists Endocrinologist View & Apply
Consultant Emergency Medicine/ Specialists Emergency Medicine View & Apply
Pediatric Intensivist View & Apply
Intensivist View & Apply
Consultant Internal Medicine/ Specialists Internal Medicine View & Apply
Consultant Pediatric intensive care unit/ Specialists Pediatric intensive care unit View & Apply
Consultant Gastrologist/ Specialists Gastrologist View & Apply
Consultant Dermatologists/ Specialists Dermatologists View & Apply
Consultant Neonatologists/Specialists Neonatologists View & Apply
Consultant Cardiologists View & Apply
Sport medicine specialists View & Apply
Consultant Urologists View & Apply
Urogynecologist View & Apply
Consultant Rheumatologist/Specialists Rheumatologist View & Apply
Consultant Neurologists View & Apply
Neurosurgeon View & Apply
Plastic surgeon View & Apply
Consultant Aviation medicine or Specialists View & Apply
Consultant Nephrologist /Specialists Nephrologist View & Apply
General Surgeon View & Apply
Laparoscopic bariatric surgeon View & Apply
Physiotherapist View & Apply
Nurses & Midwifes View & Apply
EEG Technicians View & Apply
Hospital Administrator View & Apply


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